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Why Now More Than Ever, We Need A “One Nation” Britain

When Ed Miliband stood on stage in Manchester to give his keynote speech to conference he spoke of history and the future, he talked of everything that has happened recently and what we could do to fix that. But although Ed’s speech was great and gave the party direction, it left some with an uncomfortable feeling about his words “one nation” - which is understandable given its a fairly conservative idea.

But 2 months on lets look at what One Nation means to the Labour Party and how it shows the ideals deeply embedded in the party more than almost any other policy we could have.

"One Nation" is not about either being the only country or not caring for other countries of the world. "One Nation" is not about having a laissez faire attitude toward others. So what is "One Nation" to me, to the Labour Party and what does it mean for the UK?

One Nation is about bringing together everything we care about and this country is so great because of; faith, family and flag. In essence One Nation is the holy trinity of politics, it’s caring for everything you care for, regardless of your faith, your beliefs or your politics. It is about caring for everyone in the same way.

So what does this mean for the UK? 

For the UK the idealism of Ed’s “One Nation” is about showing that we are a social society that care for one another, regardless of creed, colour or other distinguishing factors. Ed’s “One Nation” speaks deeply to me about how we can achieve more together, through combined efforts we can regrow our economy, we can invest in our future and through practicing the ideals of one nation we can make this country a better place for everyone to live. 

Today it’s time to make clear, we believe in One Nation.