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Christian Beliefs Mean You Are Screwed in the UK!

Well at least thats how it would appear right now. Yesterday I read the news of how a loving couple lost a court case over whether they could continue fostering young children up to the age of 10. Eunice and Owen Johns from derby have 4 of their own children (now adults) and have fostered 15 children since 1990, and they’ve never had a complaint.

So why were they told “no” they can’t continue fostering?

Apparently it was due to the fact they would not tell someone in their care it was ok to be homosexual. Now firstly, they also made it clear they would not say it was bad either. The high court rules this as sexual discrimination … 

But I need to ask 2 questions of this ruling…

1 - If the child has become sexualised at a younger age than 10, does this not show that the former culture they have been brought up within is wrong? I agree with the Johns that they shouldn’t comment either way, especially when the child is this young.

2 - Does this verdict not undermine each and every religious culture within the UK? How about muslims, hindus, jewish people/families are we to stop them from fostering on similar grounds? Do foster carers now need to be agnostic/secular in belief and values? What if the foster family was jewish and they would only serve kosha, would they be banned from fostering? I think not. This is judicial lunacy at its best and at it’s worst … well I will let you make your mind up on that!


And one final question … is that what cameron meant when he said multiculturalism is dead? Is cameron trying to rid the UK of any ideology? breaking down the walls and killing The Church (all Churches not just Catholics in this case) off like Henry 8th did during the English Reformation?

  1. waningcrescent-19 answered: Sexual equality, to our legal system and many British people, takes precedence over religious belief. Therefore, the court ruling was fair.
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