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Blocking Loan Shark Adverts on Google Search and Gmail

At Labour Conference there was a Movement for Change event at which it was discussed there were adverts in Google Search (and other search engines) and whether it was possible to block a given company / advert.

The short answer is “sometimes”.

First, we need to remember Google is free to use because of adverts, you can block them with a plugin (just search “block google ads plugin” and you will see a few) but lets just say you want to keep ads - they can be useful sometimes! oh and it is paying for the service.

Secondly, lets look at “blocking” adverts in Google.

Step 1) hop over to

Step 2) about halfway down you will see “your categories” and links to remove categories. To block loan sharks you want to look for anything referencing “financial” and hit remove.

Step 3) enjoy searching without seeing loan shark ads


Step 1) search for “short term cash loans”

Step 2) at the top of the adverts it says “Ads related to short term cash loans” with a little “i” next to it, click the I and hit “ads preferences manager”.

Step 3) click “block” on all the loan shark websites

Step 4) enjoy searching without seeing loan shark ads

Bonus Step!

Now share this post with your friends and family, so they too can enjoy searching without seeing loan shark ads. 

This will block ads across the Google Network, including Google Search, GMail, YouTube, Google Docs etc etc

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